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Автор Обычная тема  Тема: Looking at a possible career change. Is there work out there?
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I did a scatter of years in the military before taking redundancy in 2012. Since then I've been running my own business doing property maintenance, bathroom fitting & home improvements among other stuff.

I enjoy it and it's going well but I'd love to do something different. I've been looking at the Professional Diving Academy website at some of the courses they offer. There's a huge variety and having not researched it fully yet I'm still learning what some of the codes and quals are.

My question to any commie divers on here is: is this a sensible and viable move. I've got the motivation and drive to complete the training and go looking for work and don't ever expect to just sit back and wait for the work to come to me. But is there work out there?

Also I'd probably look at just starting with inshore diving for the time being to gain experience in the industry before looking to move offshore. What types of training would I be best to look at completing to do the best in inshore diving?
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а перевод где?
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